Grand Theft Auto IV: Liberty City (5)

June 12, 2009 | Misc

I recently bought an apartment and moved there, I’m now in the process of unpacking, cleaning and detailing. Just before I started packing, I was fanatically playing Anno: Create A New World on the Wii, so the first console I unpacked after moving was my Wii. I packed the casing of the game, but left the disc itself in the console so I wouldn’t have to go look for the game in the couple of boxes containing my games collection.

But I finished Anno fairly quickly after that and didn’t unpack any other games yet, so I decided to start putting my gaming setup back together by getting my Xbox 360 out of storage. Fortunately, this console also had a game already in the drive: Grand Theft Auto IV. Enabling me to put off unpacking the game collection just a bit more, it was time to get back to Liberty City and do some more activities after I already completed the story and The Lost and Damned a while back. Of course, Achievements were the main criteria for what to do in the city.