Crusade in Jeans

Read the book, watch the movie, play the game

Crusade in Jeans is an adventure game for a young audience, connected to the 2006 movie of the same name. This in turn was based on the book, again with the same name, written by Dutch author Thea Beckman in 1973. The game was released for PC around the same time as the movie.

Crusade in Jeans is a collaboration between multiple companies, supervised and published by Submarine. Soepel provided one level, in which main character Dolf enters the German city of Rottweil to collect bread for the starving child crusaders. He explores the town, talks to people and trades items to supply the baker with the ingredients he requires.


Supervised by Submarine, I was the only dedicated designer working at Soepel to deliver our level for Crusade in Jeans. I jumped into the middle of the project and was given design tasks and other responsibilities in a team of five people. Some of these tasks were:

  • Finalizing level design
  • Game design proposals for an additional level
  • Maintaining asset production checklists
  • Modeling and texturing level props
  • Testing and bug reporting
  • Reporting to and communicating with project supervisor Submarine


Links and files


  • 6 levels, all with a different gameplay style
  • Historical background information presented in a book-styled menu and within levels