Red Bull Knockout

Hundreds of dirt bikers, who will make it to the finish line?

Red Bull Knockout is an online advergame, used to promote the Red Bull Knockout motor cross event on the beach of Scheveningen. In this top-down racing game, players drive around the dirt track while making jumps and collecting Red Bull turbos to set the fastest possible time and win cool prizes. They can also challenge friends to race against their ghost data or try to beat any other ghost racer.

Red Bull Knockout is a simple but challenging and fun racing game, developed by Soepel as a project for Red Bull. In the two weeks leading up to the first Red Bull Knockout event, this browser game was the most played online game in The Netherlands with millions of play sessions and thousands of registrered users. The competition was fierce and fueled by our then unique challenge options. A player’s fastest race was recorded and players could directly notify friends, challenging them to race against their ghost data. If a challenger was bested, they would immediately receive a notification about that. Players could also race against any other ghost data by simply entering a user name.


I worked on Red Bull Knockout as a designer, together with one Flash programmer and one artist. I was responsible for:

  • Overall game design
  • Bike handling
  • Track design
  • Database programming
  • Testing


Links and files

Unfortunately, the game and any related material have been taken offline after Soepel closed down.


  • 1 challenging track with multiple jumps and turbo pick-ups
  • Recording of and racing against ghost data
  • Notify friends of your fastest time with a link directly to your ghost data
  • Get notified when a friend beats your fastest time
  • Online leaderboard